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Free Roofs For Hawaii Residents. Do You Qualify?

Do you have shingles or tiles missing from your roof?

Do you have home insurance?

Do you know you might qualify for a new roof paid for by your insurance?

My Free Repairs makes it easy for you to find out if you qualify

Here is how it works

My Free Repairs will come out and do a free assessment of your roof. Based upon the assessment we will create a report for your insurance company. Our only requirement, that if we are successful in getting the claim approved you give us the work to complete.

We will instruct you how to report your claim to the insurance company and then we handle everything from there. We organize the insurance assessor to come out to verify your report and one of our staff meets the assessor there to ensure the claim is properly reviewed. We handle all the paperwork and negotiations with the insurance company. All of this can be done in two weeks or less!

The check comes to you and if your mortgage company has to sign off on the check we handle that as well. Upon receipt of the funds we start working and within a few days you have a new roof paid for by your insurance company. Your only responsibility is to pay your deductible and even that can possibly be waived by you posting your social media testimonial and giving us referrals.

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