Zero Down Commercial Solar Lending & Installations


We are seeking commercial solar installations across the U.S. and around the world.

No job is to large to finance and install as long as the minimum electric bill is $5000 monthly.

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Once we have all our due diligence requirements we can place your project with a suitable financing source quickly.

For any company electricity is a significant bill. We have access to financing whereby the company using the power would pay nothing out of pocket. They would simply pay a lower amount for the power they use as a result of the solar system we would install. We can also fix the price for 20 years so they are not subject to utility rate increases.

In order to determine how much we can save a company the first step would be to get their electricity bill. Once we have that we can quickly determine if it makes sense for our financing company and for the customer. We offer a turnkey operation where we would provide the financing and oversee the install and maintenance of the system.

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